Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mary Kay Focus on Goals

Focus on Goals

Independent Sales Director Carol Scholes of Tacoma, Wash., shares these basic tips on goals:

Why Set Goals?

1. When goals are set, things happen.
2. Goals make you feel good about yourself.
3. Goals provide attitude adjustments.
4. Goals establish self-discipline and motivation.
5. Goals give you direction and purpose.
6. Goals take you where you want to go.
7. Goals create good habits and patterns to follow.
8. A goal will eliminate others from controlling your life. Set a goal to discipline yourself. If
you don't, others will.

Goals Can Be Negative If:

1. They are too big.
2. They are out of your sphere of interest.
3. You believe luck is necessary to arrive at your destination.
4. You set your goal by comparing yourself with others' accomplishments.
5. You are doing it for someone else.

Reasons Most People Do Not Set Goals:

1. They are not sold on the benefits.
2. They feel it's safer not to.
3. They fear commitment, failure or success.
4. They have a poor attitude or focus.
5. They don't want to work.

Setting A Goal

1. Decide exactly what you want - be very specific.
2. Aim high - you should have "butterflies." Stretch your limits.
3. Create visuals. The subconscious mind accepts all information as fact and cannot
distinguish between what is real and what is imagined and believed.
4. Involve family members. Find out what's in it for them.
5. Pick someone to emulate.
6. Define where you are. Goals must be "BIG" according to your ability.
7. Determine what you are capable of in a day, a week, a month and a year.
8. Write your goals in detail and talk about them with appropriate people.
9. Focus on your goal daily. If a goal is not focused on for 3 days, it's as if it never existed.
10. See goals as if they had already happened.
11. Keep your FOCUS. (Follow One Course Until Successful.)
12. Quitting is not an option.
13. Set another goal immediately upon reaching a goal.

Six Parts of a Goal

1. WOW - Excitement of a goal.
2. HOW - Plan to achieve a goal.
3. NOW - Just do it.
4. OUCH - Do it anyway!
5. VOW - Commitment to reach goal.
6. POW - The Victory!

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