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Mary Kay Warm Chatter Training by NSD Allison LaMarr Conversational Booking (Warm Chatter) Training

Conversational Booking (Warm Chatter) TrainingBy NSD Allison LaMarr

Why do it?

· Work the numbers

· You get to decide who to talk to

Who do you talk to?

· Sharp

· Put together

· Not retail workers – hours are usually too crazy

· Pleasant women who respond to small talk

· Try to get women between 25-55 years old

How many women?

· 35 per week or 5 a day (fill purse with 35 cards)

· Tip: 3 per store

How should you look?

· Cute & put together

· Fashionable but approachable

· Confident & Calm

Strategy:You must understand how this fits into your bigger strategy, which means you must have a bigger strategy.

· What are your goals: LT, ST, family & business?

· Does making time for your business now serve your family goals for the future?

· There is time for it all! You can have harmony.

· Zig Ziglar says it’s not a lack of time that’s the problem; it’s a lack of planning. We all have 24 hour days.What are you inviting them to?

· You need at least 2 options weekly to give them (preplanned & selected dates)

· Weekly meetings & 1 other event or option.

· Saturday morning SCC is a great idea: if your unit doesn’t have one, get a group of girls together and host one.

· Whatever you decide, stick to it; keep tweaking it to make it work.

*Spend more time focusing on the solution than the problem

*What tools will you use?

· Postcard or flyer

· Cello bag, lip-gloss sample, candy

· Perforated edge or separate contact info card

· Nice pen·

Get Publisher

· Good printer, good paper, or Kinko’s/Office Max

· Spiral or system to track leads

· Follow-up materials

What will you say?

· Start in the card isle, shoes, dollar section, or line

· Start with friendly idle chatter: if they respond & chat back, she gets an invitation. (if not, move on)

· Start by saying:You know what, I’d love to give you an invitation (hand it to her). My name is ___________ & you’ve been so nice I can’t resist. I teach skincare & glamour and I'm always on the look out for fun face models. When’s the last time you were treated to a free facial? Great! I don’t want to keep you here all day, so let me just tell you I typically hold appointments on Thursday & Saturday, which is better for you? (Point out location details on invite.) I know it sounds crazy, but its fun, it’s free, I’ll even feed you and you get a free gift!I know this Saturday may be short notice – do you think you’re available or would next week be better? Great! I tell you what, why don’t you take this home (free sample) and check your calendar, and I’ll give you a call to confirm all the details. Tell me your name?And what’s the best place for me to reach you? Perfect, well I’m excited, you are just too fun and I can tell already that you’re going to be a great model! I have a goal to treat 30 women to a free customized facial this month for a contest I’m in & you are helping me out a ton and you are going to love it, so thank you! Oh, by the way – if you have any friends that could use a little pampering, you’re welcome to bring them with you, because I know we are always looking for an excuse to get together with the girls, right? But, we can talk about that later. How about if I give you a call – tonight? Or would tomorrow be better? Great! Well __________ thanks again! You’re going to love it & its so much fun. Bye!Systems for follow-up:· Immediately jot down her name on the back of a card· Mark time to call – set reminder!

· Call, book, and mail a thank you note/appointment card.

· Track in binder or spiral

What to say when you call:Hello may I speak with (contact name). Hello (contact name) this is (consultant name). I’m so glad I caught you. We met at (meeting place, day). You remember I invited you to be a face model for me. I promised to give you a call to share the details with you. Do you have a quick minute? (If not, ask when would be a better time to call.)Tell me (contact name), have you ever tried Mary Kay before? You have (haven’t)great!

IF HAVE TRIED: How long ago was it? I’m so excited (contact name) that I’m going to have the chance to introduce you to the new Mary Kay. There have been so many changes and I know you’re going to absolutely love it!

HAVE NOT TRIED: I’m so excited (contact name) that I’m going to have the chance to be the first to introduce you to Mary Kay. It is the best selling brand in the United States and I know you’re going to absolutely love it!

From our conversation yesterday (contact name), I know that you work. What do you do? Let me tell you about me. I have built a customer base of busy, professional women. I cater to these women by making sure they feel pampered, keeping them supplied with products, and saving them time by delivering products to their home or office.I’ll tell you, people typically get together with me for three reasons. First, because they are really interested in skin care. Second, because they are interested in color application. And third, they just like to be pampered with customer service. They really enjoy being taken care of. So tell me (contact name), which of those fit you?Really?Well, as I shared with you (today or yesterday), I’m in a contest to treat 30 women to facials this month. Is there any reason why you couldn’t help me with my challenge and get together with me for maybe an hour so you can give me your opinion & help me with my model portfolio?Set appointment—using choices of times.Get (or give) directions.Great! Now, would you prefer your facial alone or with some friends?(Contact name), you can count on me being there. This is my business and I’ll be there rain or shine. Let me give you my number again so you can put it in your date book next to our appointment. I’ll give you a reminder call a day or so before our appointment. I am so excited. We are going to do some great work together. I’m looking forward to it!

Next steps:

· Everyone gets dash out the door look

· Book customized color for the follow-up

· Use color invite & reminder cardo Hostess gets color, guests get dash out the door§ Full circle cycle, starts all over!

Thanks to EENSD Gloria Mayfield Banks and Auri Hatheway for their tips!

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